Family Counsellor & Therapy

Family Counselling

Family counseling can help with rebuilding your relationships. As a Kelowna Counsellor Karin Bauer helps you and your family become closer, rebuild trust, learn communication styles and improve your life as a family. As a therapist and Life Coach in Kelowna BC, Karin Bauer employs alternative methods such as Equine Assisted Therapy and Life Coaching. Karin is a trained and registered Kelowna family Counsellor and Life Coach. She is also a child counselor and therapist with training in behavior modification. Karin is experienced with providing alternative therapy for children on the Autism Spectrum and Asbergers Syndrome. Working with horses is a beneficial therapy for autistic children and youth. Providing Equine Therapy and Learning in Kelowna for families with children with disabilities is also part of Horse Journey. Horses are prey animals who live in herds and have extended families. They have long figured out how to communicate with each other and are amazing role models for family counseling issues. Each horse in a herd plays an important role and brings out important facts about each personality. Kelowna Families in need of counseling now have an alternative to sitting in an intimidating office, where children are afraid or fidgety. Being outside in nature as a family unit, Kelowna family counselor Karin will show your family horse guided exercises that are stimulating, fun and rewarding.

Marriage Counselling and Coaching

Karin Bauer is a creative and compassionate marriage Counsellor in Kelowna BC. She is skilled in helping couples overcome friction points and stuck relationship patterns. Through couples and marriage counseling in Kelowna, Karin will counsel couples to resolve difficult feelings of grief, anger, depression, stuck, sadness, fear, guilt, confusion and rage. As a trained marriage counselor Karin will shed light on negative behavior patterns such as blaming, bullying, fighting, shutting down or withdrawal. Often Karin will employ horses in the process of therapy in Kelowna. Horses are a great addition to therapy as they will provide an honest, non-threatening mirror of a couple's communication style and trust. Horses can advance relationship counseling in Kelowna quicker as they help build new pathways for couples learning to be a team.

Grief Counselling

As a grief counselor in Kelowna BC, Karin Bauer offers one on one sessions and clinical counseling workshops. If you have been overwhelmed by grief, mourning a personal loss, sadness or depression, a grief Counsellor can help you move through your grieving process and release difficult emotions.  Kelowna Counsellor and Life Coach Karin Bauer utilizes an Art Therapy tool called Art Guidance Cards, which helps you see and find new perspectives on old problems. In the grief counseling process, Karin also employs horses for Kelowna Equine Facilitated Counseling sessions and grief counseling workshops in Kelowna. Therapy horses and their innate compassion can be a wonderful support for someone grieving a loss in life. Partnering with horses for counseling and therapy, Kelowna therapist and Life Coach Karin Bauer presents a unique healing modality which can resolve life long issues in a very short time. Grief does not have to be overwhelming any longer and with horses guiding your way, you will see the resilience of life after death.

Addictions Counselling

If you are dealing with an addiction and need help from a qualified Kelowna addictions counselor, you've come to the right place. Whether it is a substance abuse from alcohol or drugs, or gambling addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, computer addiction or work addiction, Karin Bauer is a skilled Kelowna addiction therapist and Counsellor. If you are worried about getting clean and sober or relapsing, you will need support to counsel and assist you. Becoming and staying healthy in mind, body and spirit is a journey that requires skilled addictions support and a committed Life Coach in Kelowna. Karin Bauer has worked as a counselor in the Alcohol and Drug addictions program at the Ministry of Children and Families in Kelowna. She has also been a counselor in the Kelowna youth detox residential program. Life Coach and Counsellor Karin understands not only how addictions work  but how to beat them for good by uncovering your underlying pain. Karin has led groups on relapse prevention, codependency, and relaxation. Now providing addiction counseling services at Horse Journey, Karin leads the only addictions program in Kelowna that includes horses and Equine Facilitated Therapy. You might have heard of the successful programs in the USA that incorporate horses for addictions counseling; now you don't have to travel that far as we offer an addiction program with horses in Kelowna BC. Horses are amazing in that they form a relationship that is non-judgmental but provide "tough love". Horses can tell when you are not present, if you withhold your emotions, or try to live with a mask on your feelings. Horses can teach you to be a better, stronger leader for your life, and they can guide you to want a life that is healthy and happy without drugs or alcohol or other addictions. Given a choice, horses would never choose a mind altering drug; they rely on their intuition and awareness to stay alive. Therapy horses can be your role model for kicking any unhealthy habits!

Trauma Counselling and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Counselling

If you have lived life, you will have experienced some trauma in one form or another. Kelowna Trauma Counselor and Life Coach Karin Bauer can help you recover from the effects of trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  When trauma hasn't been processed properly, PTSD can set in and be disabilitating. Kelowna BC Counsellor Karin works with anyone who has dealt with PTSD and its effects, including military veterans and RCMP. You do not have to deal with the depression, stress, anger, rage, or suicidal feelings on your own. You may have heard of the healing help horses can provide. Now there is a veterans counseling program with horses in Kelowna. Horses are prey animals who have predators such as coyotes, cougars, wolves and mountain lions; for this reason they are acutely aware of their surroundings. And yet, they are able to use their heightened sensitivity when and need it and turn it off when they don't. As a Kelowna PTSD and Trauma therapist, Karin Bauer utilizes the help of horses by teaching how to access your left brain (thinking, logic) and your right brain (creative, intuitive, reactive) and how to know when each side is needed. By demonstrating with safe exercises with horses in the paddock Karin shows you how the prey animal, the horse works with unneeded adrenaline in its body and how to release it to find relaxation. Therapy horses can be very grounding and relaxing and it has been proven that they heal the scars of trauma.