Facilitation / Speaking

Workshop Facilitation/Co-Facilitation

Karin Bauer is available for facilitating or co-facilitating at your Equine

Karin Bauer, Life Coach

Karin Bauer, Life Coach

Facilitated Programs. For a limited number of weeks per year, Karin will travel and is available to facilitate or co-facilitate Personal Development Programs.

Karin brings a tremendous amount of experience, expertise and knowledge of group facilitation. She has in the past facilitated and co-facilitated many workshops for agencies and in her own business. Karin is knowledgeable in engaging a group of participants by educating, healing, counseling, coaching, and entertaining everyone.

Karin is comfortable being the lead or co-lead in a group setting.

Speaking Engagements

Karin is an engaging, natural speaker in front of an audience. Karin enjoys speaking on a variety of topics. Karin is an ambassador for Healing Humans with Horses, and Art Therapy.

To hire Karin for facilitation, co-facilitation or speaking engagements, please contact her here.