Free Life Assessment Quiz

Are you feeling the need for counseling support, but not sure what you should get guidance on? This following Life Assessment Quiz will help you summarize your main area of focus.

These are the Five Possible Life Coaching Focus Areas:

  • Transition or new direction
  • communication
  • relationships
  • fears or blocks
  • healing or spiritual development

Which Life Coaching Focus Area are You?

To find out which focus area applies to you, and to get a deeper understanding of your current situation, please answer the following questions. Please read each statement carefully. On a piece of paper record the number beside the questions you answered with a 'YES'. It is advisable not to over think your answer; simply go with your first "gut reaction".

1. I am experiencing a big life change such as birth, death, divorce, breakup, job loss, move, personal change or spiritual awakening.

2. I am longing for a change in my life, but I don't know where to start.

3. I have emotional outbursts when I am not being heard.

4. I have accepted abuse from others or my standards for relationships generally are too low.

5. I keep going in circles instead of moving forward to my goals.

6. I am mourning the loss of a loved one, pet, job, relationship, home or other loss.

7. I feel creatively or artistically blocked, stalled out or bored.

8. I am looking for closure with something that affected me deeply.

9. I sometimes hear my inner voice talking me out of my ideas and dreams.

10. I want to attract a good mate or have a better relationship with my current mate.

11. I want to have stronger boundaries and communicate these to others.

12. I want to be more connected with my spiritual side or intuition.

13. I feel sad or blue and occasionally cry for no good reason. I want to feel more joy in life.

14. I am going through a transition or change in direction right now.

15. I am looking for, or just found a new career, relationship or home.

16. I am recovering from hurt, illness, transition or crisis.

17. I find it hard to express my true feelings and cover them up.

18. I feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to improve things.

19. I have a direction and a goal, but keep procrastinating to take action.

20. I find it difficult to understand others or get respect from others.

21. I have difficulty understanding myself or communicating my needs.

22. I feel lonely or distant from my spouse, family or friends.

23. I don’t feel loved or accepted by others.

24. I find something holds me back from pursuing my dreams.

25. I keep getting used by others and feel upset about it.

To receive the focus area of your free Life Assessment Quiz, on a piece of paper, please record all numbers that have received a "Yes". Then click NEXT.