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Introducing Author Karin Bauer's Counseling Tool: Art Guidance Cards and Journaling

Art Guidance Cards and Inner Guidance Journal.

Art Guidance Cards and Inner Guidance Journal.

Art Guidance Cards and Inner Guidance Journals 

Printed card decks and printable journals are now available for purchase on our other website: 

What are Art Guidance Cards?

Whether you try the free online card or purchase a deck of physical cards, Art Guidance Cards is an amazing coaching tool that helps find new perspectives in a short time! You will experience new shifts in approaching any problems!

Viewing and rotating Art Guidance Cards (a method based on Art Therapy) immediately gives you a new way of resolving issues and blocks, and propels you forward with new energy! Use this tool for yourself or in your counseling or life coaching sessions. If you work with clients, your clients will be amazed in the shifts they will achieve.

Too many times in life we get stuck with only seeing "one view or perspective" of a problem. That's why we get stuck! Imagine gaining new perspectives on stuck problems by creatively finding new resources, opportunities, and insights within minutes of rotating a piece of artwork. It's fun for your right brain, and takes the pressure off your left brain! Your intuition is stronger than you might "think" it is!

Karin Bauer, BSW, RSW created Art Guidance Cards from her original artwork and writing. The Inner Guidance Journal is a companion to enhance the Art Guidance Cards. Purchase your deck and journal today and start moving forward instead of staying stuck! There are 32 different cards in a deck, post card size 3.75 inches x 5 inches. (9 cm x 12.5 cm). The journal is 32 pages, corresponding to each Art Guidance Card with guided coaching questions. The journal is available as a downloadable and printable PDF.

Do you want to try an online Art Guidance Card & Journaling Experience? It's Free! Let yourself be guided to new perspectives, insights, and ideas!

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Art Guidance Cards and Journaling Tool

Art Guidance Cards and Journaling Tool