Enlightened Horsemanship Workshops


Enlightened Horsemanship is a unique Personal Development Program for Horse Lovers.

Purpose: Karin Bauer developed this program to help you become in tune with yourself and your horse. Every horse person, no matter what experience level should take this program! Because no matter what level you are whether it's beginner, novice, intermediate, Grand Prix, Trainer, Coach, it doesn't matter. We're all human. Even the most skilled horse trainer, riding instructor or clinician can have a bad day -- and it can affect themselves, the horse, and other people around them.

So far, most trainers and riders have focused on "fixing" the horse's attitude and behaviors through training. What is missing with this approach?

You've been probably been led to believe that when your horse "acts out" that "your horse needs better leadership" or "a more effective training method" or "more groundwork" and so on. Well, in most cases that's only half the journey.

The average clinician or horse trainer will assume that when teaching you their methods you are in a great mental and emotional space to receive their methods; that you will simply learn and use these methods, (presumably confidently and consistently), thus giving you the ability to gain an improved relationship with your horse. If only it was that easy! How many times have you attended a horse clinic only to have that "warm glow and hope" fizzle out shortly afterward?

Why does that happen? 

Sometimes old triggers that seemed "resolved at the clinic" do creep back in time. You might have temporarily had success, and the horse saw your "try", however you may have not changed much in your approach to life in general. So what happens if you, the human client of your relationship is struggling with unresolved "stuff" which causes a trigger for each other?

What unresolved stuff? It could be your energy levels, your thought patterns, memories, learned behaviors, stuff you're currently dealing with in your life. You know, "stuff". On a personal level, you  could have unconscious reactions due to anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), unresolved anger, depression, grief, lack of self-esteem and confidence, perfectionism, or other issues.

Why I highly recommend "Enlightened Horsemanship":

Many times I get calls from frustrated, upset, or defeated horse owners who want help with "fixing" their "silly" horse's behavior and attitude. When we begin talking, I listen and soon I find out that it is actually not "just" the horse in need. As a counselor and rider, I can tell you that the problems that show up on the ground or in the saddle with your horse are things that show up in other areas of your own life. This is normal, but unfortunately it isn't usually addressed in horse training clinics because clinicians are not trained counselors or life coaches; thus they can only do so much.

There is hope! Imagine seeing "the light" and becoming an enlightened Horsewoman or Horseman for yourself and for your horse -- and have it positively spread to all areas of your life! Imagine how wonderful your inner connection could be if your "emotional saddlebags" were cleaned out of "heavy baggage" and only contained helpful tools and emotions that nurture your relationships in all areas of your life!

Here is your chance!

The time has come for Enlightened Horsemanship!

Our program will teach you to tune in to your own barriers, motivations, intentions, fears, challenges that keep you from being effective and successful with your horse. These may be things that either "make or break" your relationship with yourself and your horse. And, these are the things that lie hidden in your subconscious, out of your own reach. These may be the things that keep tripping you up, especially if you have a tendency to think "it was the horse's fault (blaming him)" or "it's all my fault (blaming yourself)".

What happens if you don't embrace Enlightened Horsemanship?

When you get a glimpse or a nudge that it is time to change things, you will start to see things from new and different perspectives. You may start to see there is a different way. Ignoring these signs may lead to intense frustration or confusion, in yourself and your horse!

If you are sensing your trail is changing and you want some guidance, let Karin Bauer help you wrangle your inner mustang!

What does Enlightened Horsemanship teach me?

The Two-Day Workshop will include these Topics, and more!
1) - New Perspectives, become more in tune!
2) - Deep insight into yourself and your own reactions, perceptions, beliefs, barriers.
3) - A new way to translate what you see in your horse: Is your Horse your mirror?
4) - Figure out your own personality and your horse's personality. Are you well matched? (if you do not own a horse, you will learn how to find a well-matched horse personality).
5) - Drop your barriers, lighten yourself and open your heart to your horse.
6) - Embrace Enlightened Horsemanship through personal expression and renewed bonds.
7) - Receive a plan and "trail map" to stay consistently tuned in, supported, and on track!

Plus more!

Workshop Prerequisites:

You do not need to bring your horse. Our horses will teach you everything you need to know about yourself, and your relationship with your own horse. It does not matter what experience level you are, which discipline you ride, etc. You also do not need to be a 'horse owner'. If you currently do not have a horse, you can still take this workshop. In fact, if you're planning on getting a horse, we highly recommend you take this program first!

Get ready to experience "horses" as you never have before!

Workshop Dates: TBA

Location: Horse Journey, 3155 Prospect Rd, Kelowna OR other locations TBA

Times: Sat & Sun at 10am - 4pm

Cost: TBA

Lunch, drinks, and snacks are included.

Registration Deadline:
Registrations will close one week before workshop date.

This workshop will be held with small groups. Maximum participants 6 - 8 persons per workshop.

Karin's Background:

Though Karin is a skilled horse person with over 35 years experience training, riding and horsemanship. What is truly unique about Karin is that she is a Counsellor and intuitive Life Coach. Karin has over 25 years of experience in the human services field as a counsellor, life coach, facilitator and speaker. On the horse training side, from Natural Horsemanship, Epona to the Resnick Method, Karin has studied a vast array of different "human and horse languages" and is able to translate these for you. Karin's horses are her co-facilitators; they are experienced in Equine Facilitated Therapy and Coaching. After meeting them, you may see horses in a whole new and different light!


Program: "Equine Relationship Renaissance"
Because building a trusting, wonderful relationship doesn't happen overnight, we highly recommend  Karin's follow up program. Please be aware, this program does NOT consist of your ordinary "riding or horsemanship lessons"! This program WILL challenge YOU to become a better person for yourself, and your horse! This program is perfect for you IF you're serious about and committed to your own Personal Development and improving your horse's relationship!

The knowledge and insight you will gain in Karin's program is normally not taught in mainstream riding lessons, but it SHOULD be. The trouble is most riding instructors or coaches are not trained counselors, life coaches or therapists -- they know how to do riding instruction or horse training; but are not trained in human psychology nor are qualified to be counselling people. Karin Bauer is a trained counsellor, therapist, and Life Coach and an experienced horsewoman. She knows a lot about people and a lot about horses; a vary rare and unique combination of skill sets!

"Equine Relationship Renaissance" will have you experience a rebirth of your relationship (whether you've known your horse for a long time or a short time), for yourself and your horse! Discover the art, language, philosophy, intuition, and communication of renewed bonding with your horse. You will learn to explore all possibilities, expand your repertoire and use a light touch. Strengthen your resolve and become happier, more relaxed and grounded through on-going support in the program.

A minimum 4 sessions per month time commitment is required for this program.
Program Fee includes personalized sessions in-person with Karin, plus printed materials, homework and in-between session support! Inquire about this program today!


$380 per month (includes four 1-hour sessions).

All prepaid sessions must be used up within the month.

Call Karin at 250-860-1964 or email karin@horsejourney.com  if you need more information.

How is your Relationship with your Horse?

Karin's expertise lies in figuring out not just what is going on with the horse, but also with the human's and horse's relationship. She believes that in order to develop a wonderful relationship, horses and humans need to develop a bond, trust, and communication. Karin is an intuitive and creative being who fosters the natural spirit with the horse and the human.

Does your Horse mirror you?

If you are struggling with your horse, instead of providing you one "training method", Karin will start out by asking you "how you are feeling?". She will observe you and your horse to watch for clues you might have missed. Your horse can be a mirror of you and Karin will help you gain a new perspective. Karin will foster an open and honest relationship with you, the client and your teacher, your horse. In this way, Karin will guide you on your horse journey by helping you create a better relationship with yourself and your horse.

If you are looking for better communication, more trust and a closer relationship with your own horse(s), Karin can help!

Here are some pictures showing Karin's unique philosophy when approaching "human and horse relationships":

  Are you in need of support? It starts with finding out your own needs before you can give to your horse and others. Karin finds the person's needs, then works on building strengths, abilities and strategies to strengthen you.
Have you had a set back in your relationship? Is it hard to trust? Perhaps you had an accident or a loss in your life. You may be suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, or anxiety. Karin's sessions focus on hearing your true essence and helping you to regain your "inner balance".
Are you a person with "barriers"? Do you find yourself stopping short of achieving your goals? Imagine being able to do things you never thought you could!
  Are you in tune with how your horse is feeling? Does your horse look calm on the outside, but is actually ready to jump out of his skin? Maybe you're more able to "read your horse" than to read yourself? Do you have a similar "presence"?  Imagine having more self-awareness and tuning into yourself and thus be able to be more present.
  Do you desire a close connection with your horse? Is your goal to stay grounded and calm even in strange surroundings? It is possible! Karin can teach you how!
Do you actually know what your horse likes doing, loves doing? What about yourself? Are you and your horse well matched? Karin enjoys finding out what each horse and rider like doing, figuring out horse and human personality. This is something Karin loves teaching others as no human or horse are the same!
  Are you a conformist? Karin loves showing people "other" ways of doing things and allowing you to blossom!
  Do you lack confidence at times? Are you over-confident sometimes? Do you read your own energy well? Either way, your horse will read your energy and can help you read your own.
  Do you get stressed easily when there is pressure on you? Do you wish you could deal with pressure better? Do you believe you can enjoy life better? There are ways to get there with a new trail map and well-prepared saddle bags of new personal development skills!Are you ready?

Imagine what your horse could be teaching you? What is your hurdle? Karin can help you overcome it today!

Ready to explore?

Call Karin at 250-860-1964 or email karin@horsejourney.com  to set up a session for yourself and your horse!