Kelowna Life Coach

Life Coach in Kelowna

If you are searching for a Life Coach you will likely be looking for a Life Coach with a lot of life experience. With today's technology of cell phones and Skype your life coach does not have to live close to you. However, what is important is that your life coach is skilled in finding out what you "really want" rather than what you think you "should want". Karin Bauer is a great life coach who can help you determine your true goals, aspirations, dreams, needs, values and desires. Karin has developed a process that brings you closer to what will truly fulfill you not just by ticking goals off your list. There are many life coaches out there, however only a few are adept to hearing your inner voice and helping you uncover your blocks. Karin says that once you're aligned with your true values and needs your soul purpose will find you. Working with horses in coaching sessions can be very rewarding. Coaching with horses have helped many clients achieve faster and longer lasting results.

Personal Growth Coaching

Karin is a personal growth coach with a mission. She believes that when you are working on your personal growth, everything else starts to fall into place. It's not until you're willing to look at your own beliefs and fears that you can move forward. Karin will coach you to increase your conviction to change what needs changing in your life. Personal growth coaching is wonderful for anyone searching for new ways of being happy, fulfilled, and joyful. Horses will bring an added element to personal growth coaching sessions. Karin utilizes the help of horses in coaching sessions.

Transition Coaching

We often go through various transitions in life, and that is why having a transition coach can be so helpful. As a Transition Coach in Kelowna BC, Karin Bauer coaches clients to move forward in their lives, relationships, business, or jobs. Sometimes transitions include losing a marriage but finding a new way of being single. Other transitions may be quitting a job and starting a business. And sometimes the transitions are not our choice; if someone close to us passes away; being forced to close a business; moving with a spouse to another country; unexpected pregnancy; or discovering an illness that forces us to reevaluate our lives. Transition coaching is an important part of these changes to make the best of your situation and to let go of anything that hinders you. Horses are wonderful role models for people undergoing transitions; they support and validate our process. Horses too experience transitions in their lives. It changes our perspective when we observe how horses find the positives in new directions.

Relationship Coaching

We all have relationships. Therefore relationship coaching is one of the most profound ways of engaging our blind spots, shadows and hidden agendas. Karin Bauer is an expert relationship coach in Kelowna BC. She can show you how to navigate tricky relationships, strained friendships, difficult bosses or coworkers, unhealthy family dynamics and so on. Often relationship coaching will finally highlight which of your boundaries are weak, rigid, broken or simply non-existent! This may be a difficult realization, but once you work with a relationship coach you will start to reevaluate, repair, or let go of relationships by working on your very own boundaries. You will also learn to respect other's boundaries by recognizing what they are. Others will see and feel the difference in you. Horses too can be the most amazing partners for relationship and life coaching in Kelowna BC. Horses have boundaries and they can teach you what they are. Kelowna life coach Karin Bauer is looking forward to coaching you! Feel free to bring your partner, family member or friend.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is an important part of being in balance. Health includes not only your physical health, but also your mental, emotional, spiritual and social health. Are those in balance in your life? Our Clean Sweep coaching tool and Toleration Coaching Tool can help you evaluate and assess what needs more attention! Karin is a skilled health coach who can help you over the phone or in person. Karin utilizes horses in health coaching sessions in Kelowna BC. Horses also thrive on a balance and they are sensitive beings who can show us when or where we are not in balance in life.

Spiritual Coaching

Are you tired of having an unsustainable life or non-existent spiritual life? Are you having an existential crisis? Are you tired of achieving, buying, working, acquiring, drifting in a life that feels utterly empty inside? Kelowna Spiritual Coach Karin Bauer will show you what is missing in your spiritual life and how your social conditioning can be changed. Horses are very spiritual beings to be around. Just by observing them in their environment you will find a new way of looking and feeling. Spiritual coaching includes mind body spirit practices such as breathing, meditating, and mindfulness. Studies have shown that mindfulness can alter the brain to find new pathways of relaxation in stressful situations. Horses are wonderful for teaching us new practices in spirituality.