Life Assessment Quiz Answers

Good job on answering the statements with a Yes or No. Here is how to find out which one of the following Life Coaching Focus areas applies to you:

If You have answered Yes to the statements:

1 through 5: Transition

6 through 10: Blocks

11 through 15: Relationships

16 through 20: Healing

21 through 25: Communication

Read More About Each Focus Area


Are you looking for guidance with processing a hurt, illness, transition or crisis? Do you want to find a way to heal? Maybe you are mourning a loss or are recovering from a loss. If you want to feel closure and inner peace, you may also want to feel hope, joy, love and happiness again. The healing journey is often about wanting to connect with your spiritual self, intuition and/or spiritual guides. There is a spiritual journey unfolding inside you and you are asked to follow it, not to fight it.


Are you going through a transition such as a birth, death, divorce, break-up or move? Maybe you're questioning your self, your beliefs, values, or personal preferences and need some direction? Transition can also be about a powerful change such as a spiritual awakening or a new personal awareness. Maybe you consciously invited a change in your life so that you can be more authentic with who you truly are. Either way, you may want help in finding something that is truly you and need some kind of direction. You may also be questioning your current job, career choice, training, or considering a new business.


Are you looking for guidance to communicate better or more effectively? Maybe you have difficulty being heard or understood. You may experience misunderstandings and communication challenges with others. You may also want to understand yourself better, discover or communicate your own values and preferences. Perhaps you want to express your feelings freely and lovingly and need guidance in how to begin.


Are you looking for guidance in improving your relationship with your mate, family, friends or co-workers? Or, do you want to be closer to the ones you love? Maybe you want to have better boundaries with people who drain you. If you want to feel love and be loved unconditionally or need stronger boundaries, relationships is the area for you to focus on. You deserve to be loved and have loving relationships in your life.


Are you looking for guidance to overcome fears that block you from reaching your goals? Maybe your inner voice has a tendency to come up with excuses and blocks that keep you stuck? If you need guidance to get unstuck and move forward, this is the area for you to focus on. You may also be creatively and artistically blocked, stalled out or bored. If you are ready to feel success and creative flow, but for some reason it's not happening.

What To Do Now?

Help is available if you want to get Life Coaching or Counseling. Through one of our wonderful Life Coaching programs you will be able to address any of these key focus areas. Knowing your focus area will give you clarity and direction. Often when faced with a difficult decision or situation, it's hard to figure out where to start. Please contact Karin Bauer today for a consultation.