Horse Whispering Retreats

Capture the Magic with Horses!

So you're in Kelowna, B.C. and you're tired of beautiful scenery and winery tours... said no one ever! Kelowna isn't just a sunshine destination. We're also known for our amazing outdoor activities, retreats, and healing arts. And if one of these activities should include capturing the magic with horses, then you absolutely must check Horse Journey out! Find out why...One day you wake up, before it's too late, do what you've always wanted!

The Difference of Horses as Teachers

While most people think that a horse is only something you sit on and ride, at Horse Journey you will experience horses from a very unique perspective. Horses are helping humans all over the world to awaken to a new level of awareness. You might even call it a spiritual awakening. This type of experience, if undertaken with a skilled facilitator can be ultimately more satisfying and enlightening than sitting on a poor, tired dude ranch horse that has carried around 1000's of floppy riders who are unaware of the horse's true magnificence and emotional intelligence. Are you ready to awaken?

Look Into a Horse's Eyes and Feel

Meet Link and Rollie, our horse teachers and healers. They have been igniting meaningful insights and initiated deep healing for clients of all ages. Our lessons are fun and experiential!

  • Learn the secrets of Horse Whispering with a team of gorgeous, black horses
  • Rekindle your love for horses
  • A life changing retreat spent with horses in their environment
  • Feel the excitement of learning to "speak horse"
  • Learn horsemanship techniques such as "join up"
  • Feel the heart connection with the horses as your guide
  • Horses guide you to overcome and master your challenges
  • Leave feeling alive and happy (it's better, more effective and longer lasting than a day at the spa!)

Enjoy your Equine Adventure Retreat in Kelowna

We encourage everyone to opt for having an adventure or experience rather than buying material things. Our Equine Adventure Retreats fill your heart and soul. More and more people are realizing that buying material things are not the answer. Rather, having meaningful experiences with living beings, such as connecting with horses is providing us with longer and lasting benefits.

What Does Horse Whispering in Kelowna entail?

  • Personalized, customized 1:1 time with your horsemanship expert, Karin Bauer.
  • 1:1 hands on sessions with the horses, Link & Rollie to teach you new skills, awareness and communication tools.
Look, the snow is just about gone at Horse Journey!

Our Journey House Air BNB cabin.

Stay in our Air BNB Cabin: Tourists and out of town visitors welcome!

  • We are now offering our modest, rustic cabin "The Journey House" as an Air BNB. It is very private. The cabin is small and can comfortably sleep one person. It has a double size bed, lights, power and WiFi.  Read more info on our Cabin Air BNB.
  • If something more luxurious is preferred, there are a number of other B&B's and Hotels to choose from. If needed, we can arrange pick up from airport, transport to and from your accommodations for a small fee.
  • Options available to attend with a partner/spouse or family or friend

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View from Journey House cabin.

View from Journey House cabin.


Horse Journey Location:

Horse Journey is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Address and directions here.