Karin’s e-Book

"Horses Helping People Heal" by Karin Bauer is an e-book with a timely collection of true stories about how the horses at Horse Journey have helped their clients.

Often the field of Equine Assisted Therapy is shrouded with secrecy, as no one is allowed in to observe these confidential sessions. If you, like many others have wondered "How does a counseling session with horses work?", you now have the opportunity to enter through the gate and follow Karin into to the paddock! Through this e-book you are invited in for a glimpse into Karin's unique work at the Horse Journey facility with her horses, Link and Rollie.

In this e-book you will find touching, heart warming, educational, and surprising anecdotes showing the horses' gifts for humans. Karin shares from the heart her counseling experiences with the people who show up at her facility for healing, personal development, and counseling.

Imagine hearing what Karin's thought process is from an initial meeting to the end result of several sessions. What would a horse do if a client has an emotional melt down? How can a horse help someone who has darkness in their soul? Can horses give hope to someone suicidal, angry, stuck, or depressed? If you've ever wanted to find out what can transpire in a session, whether you're considering a session for yourself or entering the field of Equine Assisted Therapy, this e-book will take you on a discovery journey. As you read Karin's stories, you will feel like you are sitting right in the paddock watching Karin and the horses in action as these amazing sessions unfold.

Karin is an intuitive healer and creative writer. Illustrated with beautiful horse pictures, we are certain you will thoroughly enjoy these touching stories!

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